About Us


Welcome to Four Acres Trailer Sales, your trusted destination for all your trailer needs. With a rich legacy that traces back to the 1950s, our journey began when Mildred Marsh had a vision and purchased a vast piece of land, which led to the development of a thriving mobile home park. It was here that the seeds of our enterprise were sown. In collaboration with her son, Leroy Davis, the dream flourished as they ventured into the realm of mobile home sales. Leroy and his wife, Betty, pioneered Four Acres Trailer Sales, initially specializing in mobile homes before gradually expanding their offerings to encompass travel trailers, campers, and popups. As time progressed, our commitment to diversity and meeting the needs of our customers became even more apparent. The 1970s marked another turning point in our journey. With an unwavering dedication to serving our community, we introduced utility trailers into our inventory, catering to landscapers, contractors, and various small businesses. This expansion not only showcased our adaptability but also solidified our place as a comprehensive solution provider in the trailer industry. In 2023, a new chapter unfolded for us as Francis Bromwell and Andrew Ogden took the reins of the company. Building upon our heritage and the foundation laid by the Davis family, we embraced the opportunity to continue the legacy of exceptional service and product excellence that Four Acres Trailer Sales has come to symbolize. With each passing day, we are committed to growth – growth in our inventory, growth in our customer service, and most importantly, growth in the satisfaction of those we proudly call our customers. Our mission is to provide you with an extensive selection of new trailers, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your needs. Whether you're searching for a trailer to accompany your cross-country adventures, equipment to enhance your business operations, or simply seeking replacement parts, we have you covered. At Four Acres Trailer Sales, our dedicated parts department and service offerings stand as a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction. We believe in fostering lasting relationships, built on trust and reliability, and it is our privilege to guide you through every step of your trailer ownership journey. Thank you for choosing Four Acres Trailer Sales, where history meets innovation, and your trailer needs find their perfect solution.