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Whether used for small businesses, motorcycle enthusiasts, flea marketers, or an array of other needs, finding the right enclosed cargo trailer involves considering a few important factors. From size and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), the thickness of the walls and the variety of brands available, let’s explore what you should consider before choosing the perfect cargo trailer for you. 

Size And GVWR

First things first, you’ll want to match the size of the trailer to what you’re hauling and make sure it can handle the weight. 

Understanding the GVWR allows you to define the weight capacity for your hauling needs, as going too big or too small can lead to headaches down the road. For example, exceeding the weight limits for trailers can result in consequences, such as legal penalties, safety risks, and potential damage to contents within the trailer.

Not to mention, overloading can wear out your trailer faster, leading to more trips to the mechanic. Staying within payload capacity helps keep everything in good shape for the long haul, keeping your cargo safe and your journey smooth.

Wall Thickness

The thickness of the walls might not seem like a big deal, but it can make a world of difference. Thicker walls mean better protection for your gear, shielding it from bumps, scrapes, and the natural elements like rain, snow, and sunlight. A trailer that has a thicker outer skin will typically last longer and will be more effective in the long run. 

Thicker walls will also provide better insulation, which helps maintain a stable internal temperature. This is crucial for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo such as electronics or even some equipment, as those require controlled temperature environments to prevent degradation.

Entry-level trailers typically come with thinner skins, making them better suited for lighter or occasional use. On the other hand, high-end trailers boast thicker skins, capable of handling tougher tasks and regular usage.

Enclosed Trailers Brand Range

Lastly, take some time to explore the different brands offering enclosed trailers. Each brand brings its own benefits to the table, with unique features and styles to suit different needs. Checking out a variety of brands helps you find the perfect match for your specific needs and budget.

Manufacturers offer a range from entry-level products to premium lines, each made to meet different purposes and preferences. Entry-level products are mostly geared towards budget-conscious buyers, offering simpler designs and basic features suitable for lighter usage. 

In contrast, premium lines offer higher-quality materials, advanced features, and superior construction, making them ideal for those seeking higher durability and performance. 

By offering options across a spectrum of price points, payload capacity, and quality levels, manufacturers can cater to an equally wide range of customers, ensuring that everyone finds the perfect enclosed trailer they’re looking for. 

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No matter what you’re hauling, we’ve got the perfect trailer for you. 

At Four Acres Trailer, we offer the best selection of enclosed trailers in Wilmington, DE and nearby places at great prices. Fom light-duty recreational cargo trailers to heavy powerhouses. 

We work with the most trustworthy brands in the market. For enclosed cargo trailers, we carry Wells Cargo and Homesteader brands.

Each cargo trailer goes through rigorous measures in manufacturing to ensure the quality you expect, so you can check all the boxes when looking for the perfect option. New or used, incorporated in each trailer are the finest materials and components that deliver on all fronts.

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