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What Are Utility Trailers Used For?

At Four Acres Trailer Sales, the inventory includes a variety of utility trailers catering to the needs of landscapers, contractors and various small businesses. You will find an impressive selection of utility trailers backed by exceptional customer service as well as a dedicated parts department all working together to get a perfect solution for your trailer needs.

Utility trailers can be used for a variety of projects and purposes. It is this versatility that makes them such a valuable and practical tool for transporting goods and equipment.

Some common uses for utility trailers include:

  • Utility trailers are used to tow different sizes and types of vehicles. Brand new cars are towed to showrooms while classic cars and motorcycles are towed to shows. Utility trailers used for this purpose have special features like ramps that make the task easier.
  • The landscaping industry is one area where utility trailers are most used. Plants and equipment such as lawn mowers, planters, fertilizer and pesticide spraying systems are constantly being moved from site to site.
  • Utility trailers are used when people move houses. Similarly, they use them when they need to move personal items to and from a garage sale or furniture showroom. The trailers can have an enclosure that will ensure your personal belongings stay safe from the elements.
  • Contractors rely on utility trailers to get materials to the various sites they work on. On jobs where clearing needs to be done, utility trailers are used to move the waste to the proper dumping locations
  • Utility trailers are used by farmers to transport tools and produce to and from farms and markets. There are utility trailers that are modified to transport animals. These have special features like dividers and ventilation systems to keep the animals comfortable.
  • Several businesses use utility trailers as mobile premises. Trailers used for this purpose normally have features such as counters, shelves and display units. Advertisers also take advantage of utility trailers and use them to mount billboards or even brand some of these mobile retailers.

Sizes & Options

There is going to be a different type of utility trailer for your various transportation or business needs. Utility trailers are modified to their particular use. You find perishables in enclosed utility trailers, animals in ventilated trailers and cars in trailers with ramps. There is a size and option tailored to your unique needs.

Picking the Right Size

With so many different options when it comes to utility trailer size and type, how does one pick the right one? The single most important factor to consider here is the nature of what you are transporting. What is it? How much of it are you transporting? The answers to these questions will be the ultimate guide.

Single or Double Axle

Your choice of single or double axle will also depend on the cargo you plan to transport. The type of cargo, what it weighs, how far and how often you plan to transport it are the key factors when it comes to whether you will go for single or double axle.

Buying An Equipment Trailer From Four Acres Trailer Sales

Contact us if you are in the market for a trailer to take along on your cross-country adventures, enhance your business operations or even for replacement parts. We are waiting to guide you through every step of your trailer ownership journey.

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